My Three Little (Guinea) Pigs

I have three little pigs.

Well, guinea pigs, at least.

And aww, they pull my heart alright! Though I must admit all those squeeking and squeeling and running about during midnight can be an annoyance, but ooh, look at them!…


Grey is taking a leave…

And going to Bangkok, Thailand.

The land where the guys are prettier than girls.

Well, the girl-guys, anyway. Ladyboys in another word. “Aqua”s, in Malaysian dialect.

I will definitely catch them this time!!

Well I’m not only going to Bangkok …


Sharing Turned Bragging

Have you ever met people who complains about how his BMW is not going pretty smooth lately when running at 150KM/H?

While you’re driving a 10 years old second hand Proton Saga?

The scenario isn’t exactly the same, but I …