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Beautiful Bali: Guess The Foodies and Win The Dickies!

Grey eating the Bali dick keychain

Grey eating the Bali dick keychain


Anyway, the five Indonesian words that you’re going to guess are:




Ayam Malam

Bebek Kotor

Well here’s some hints that I can make… They are all food (well, technically one isn’t exactly a food :x), and they call him Donald Bebek.

End Date: 10th April 2010, enough time for you to ask your kakaks or makciks or any Ahmads you have in your life xD

So just drop your comments here, if you got the most rights I will give you, or if you’re too far away, I’ll mail to you the cute lil dickie keychain! 😀

Hey they’re damn cute!

Don’t forget to ask your friends to join in the fun too!…