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Screen Shot 2016 10 31 at 12.07.03 PM 640x438 1 - Important Considerations for First Time Property Investors

Important Considerations for First Time Property Investors

Tips For First Time Property Investors

For first-time property investors, it is a given fact that you must be prepared. To be prepared, one must consider a lot of things. Investment on properties takes time, perseverance, patience and an average to a large sum of money in order for you to grow fully in this kind of market.

Screen Shot 2016 10 31 at 12.07.03 PM 640x438 1 - Important Considerations for First Time Property Investors

Here are some the important things you must think over and over before jumping in on the real estate business or simply just acquiring one asset at a time:

Important Things To Know

  1. You must be financially stable or at least capable of owning up to the accountability of a loan. Down payment in itself is huge enough to afford and we both know, profiting does not take a day or a month or even months. What I am trying to say is, it is a risk. So you need to have a stable financial status in order to survive the lows of the business. It is also wise that you consider a reserve of money enough to cover for emergencies and rainy days in general so as not to compromise the future of your investment and to never resort to bargaining. If you consider an unfurnished Kota Kinabalu property, extra money might be needed to renovate and finish the property so as to sell faster and at a higher cost.
  2. It is very important to be knowledgeable in the market you are investing in. Kuala Lumpur is a broad region and a good place to be settling in the country, but the question is where exactly. Now, this all depends on the target population you are considering. Klang apartment may be good for a young family. On the other hand, a Johor Bahru condo is better suited for a young bachelor with a stable job in the city.

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42b7cd1934ec0731a8255ce4f19f8263 study hard work hard - Tips For College Students Living In A Boarding House

Tips For College Students Living In A Boarding House

For College Students Living Away From Home

If you are about to start college, you have to prepare for a number of transitions. Yes, it is said that college students will start experiencing partial independence. This is the time when you might be away from your family longer for the first time, like about 5 months or more.

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So, are you excited to be in college? What are you taking? Are you in a hurry to help your parents? Yes, once you are in college, you will be a step away from earning your money. But the duration will depend on what type, of course, you will decide to take and how good your grades will be. So, now that you decided to pursue your studies, you should also decide on the course to take, whether you will take a diploma or a degree course. Jika anda sedang mencari senarai kolej kerajaan, anda harus memilih kolej yang sesuai.

Are you going to live in a boarding house? This is usually the case, especially for those who are living in rural areas where there is no college facility. If you happen to be one of them, the following tips about boarding house life might come in handy:

42b7cd1934ec0731a8255ce4f19f8263 study hard work hard - Tips For College Students Living In A Boarding House

Tips To Adjust To Being Away From Home

  • As this is your first time to be away from home on your own, there is a good chance you will feel nostalgic and might run back home, neglecting your studies. Note that you are there for your parents as well, so you can help them later on. So, you have to be brave and to lessen the loneliness, you can bring more reminders from home. This way, it will feel like you are just in your home and will feel more settled.
  • You have to be open-minded as there will be so many new things you will experience in your new environment. You have to be relative in adapting these things as well as not all of them can be good for you. There may be times when you feel like clinging your old ways, and that will be fine as well. The bottom line is to always instil in your mind that you are there to study and that should be your top priority.
  • One thing you always have to note is that you are on your own now. This means you will do things on your own. No one will cook for you, clean up your mess or remind you about things. Yes, you can give your parents a call from time to time, but you can hardly expect them to be always at your back and call. So, be sure to be responsible and watch your health, so your purpose in staying far from your family will not be sacrificed.

Without a doubt, this hardships will pass as well. However, while the transition is still fresh, you might have a hard time, thus you also need to always remind yourself that this is for your future. Well, this is not only for your future as after you have the diploma in your hands, but you can also then start helping your parents. …

ander burdain H98jBUACm14 unsplash 1080x720 - The physiological impacts of smoking

The physiological impacts of smoking

Taking men’s health multivitamin is not enough. Most of the time, it’s your lifestyle. At the point when you smoke the signs probably won’t be clear from the outset. You know they are various reasons for powerless erection and smoking happens to be one of them. On the off chance that the veins become hindered, the blood supply no longer arrives at an ideal level and issues can set in. A 25% decrease in blood supply is sufficient to influence the nature of an erection, while the stockpile in the coronary corridors should by and large fall underneath half for physical indications of coronary illness, for example, angina to get present. Besides, the most ordinarily utilized prescription for treating erectile dysfunction (for example Viagra, Cialis, Levitra) acts by expanding the blood supply, which underlines the significance of good dissemination as a significant supporter of satisfactory sexual excitement. Course issues in ladies can likewise prompt a deficient degree of excitement and, for instance, vaginal dryness. …

hu chen 6yi0oPZSNy4 unsplash 1080x721 - Breastfeeding: Hints to Help You Get Off to a Good Start

Breastfeeding: Hints to Help You Get Off to a Good Start

Breastfeeding has numerous advantages for your infant. Bosom milk is wealthy in supplements. It has antibodies, which help ensure your child against contaminations. 

It additionally can help forestall abrupt newborn child demise disorder (SIDS). Children who are breastfed are more averse to have sensitivities, asthma, and diabetes. They likewise are less inclined to get overweight. 

Breastfeeding guide has benefits for you too. It’s less expensive than utilizing formula. You don’t need to wash jugs or blend formula. 

It enables your uterus to return to ordinary size in the wake of loosening up during pregnancy. This can assist you in getting thinner quicker. It can defer the arrival of your periods. 

In any case, you shouldn’t depend on it to forestall pregnancy. Breastfeeding assists make with timing for you to be near your infant. Ladies who breastfeed have lower dangers of type 2 diabetes, bosom malignant growth, malignant ovarian growth, hypertension, and coronary illness. 

Way to improved wellbeing 

omar lopez vTknj2OxDVg unsplash 1024x683 - Breastfeeding: Hints to Help You Get Off to a Good Start

Breastfeeding advances prosperity for you and your child. In spite of the fact that it is a characteristic piece of the birthing procedure, it’s not, in every case, simple. Numerous ladies need assistance figuring out how to breastfeed. 

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) prescribes that all specialists give help to ladies during pregnancy and after birth to help to breastfeed. Your PCP may suggest breastfeeding for in any event the initial a half year of your child’s life

The following are useful hints to assist you with getting looking great so far. 

Before you conceive an offspring 

couple 731890 1280 1024x683 - Breastfeeding: Hints to Help You Get Off to a Good Start

During pregnancy, the accompanying things can set you up for breastfeeding. 

•    Prenatal care. It’s essential to take great consideration of yourself and your child. Infants who are brought into the world early (untimely) make some harder memories of breastfeeding. 

•    Talk to your primary care physician. Ensure your primary care physician realizes you intend to breastfeed. They can give you a few assets. Pose inquiries about what sort of care the medical clinic gives after birth. Some offer lactation experts, who are breastfeeding pros. 

•    Breastfeeding class. A few ladies locate that taking a class can assist them with rehearsing for the genuine article. 

•    You are breastfeeding things. Plan ahead by buying the things you need. These can incorporate a nursing pad, nursing bra, and spreads. A few medical clinics and protection plans give free bosom siphons. 

Breastfeeding 101 

smiling baby biting right index finger 1648374 1024x683 - Breastfeeding: Hints to Help You Get Off to a Good Start

When your infant is conceived, your breasts will begin to top off. From the start, your body will deliver a “pre-milk,” called colostrum. 

This can be flimsy and watery or thick and increasingly yellow-shaded. The pre-milk has a slower stream to enable your infant to figure out how to nurture. Following 3 to 4 days of nursing, your genuine bosom milk will come in. 

Most infants are prepared to eat 1 to 2 hours after birth. The following is a bit by bit direct on the most proficient method to breastfeeding. 

1.    Wash your hands before each taking care of. 

2.    Place your infant in one of the breastfeeding positions (plot beneath). 

3.    Put the thumb of your free hand on your bosom and your different fingers beneath. 

4.    Touch your infant’s lips to your areola until your infant opens their mouth wide. 

5.    Put your areola right in your infant’s mouth and pull your infant near you. This lets your child’s jaw crush the milk conduits under your (areola). 

How would I know whether my child is hooked on? 

photo of woman breastfeeding her child 3074935 1024x684 - Breastfeeding: Hints to Help You Get Off to a Good Start

At the point when your child is “hooked on,” the correct way, the two lips should frown out and spread about the entirety of your areola. Your infant’s jaw should start to move to and for. 

Your child may make low-pitched gulping commotions as opposed to smacking clamors. On the off chance that you feel torment while your child is nursing, they may not be locked on. 

Your child’s nose may contact your bosom during nursing. Infants’ noses are intended to permit air to get in and out. In case you’re concerned, your infant can’t inhale effectively, delicately push down on your bosom close to your child’s nose to give them more space to move around. Your infant shouldn’t need to turn their head or strain their neck to nurture. 

In what capacity would it be a good idea for me to hold my child while breastfeeding? 

breastfeeding 2428378 1280 1024x682 - Breastfeeding: Hints to Help You Get Off to a Good Start

You can hold your child in various manners. The absolute most regular positions are: 

•    Cradle. Put your infant’s head in the evildoer of your arm. Bolster your infant’s back and base with your lower arm. Your child ought to lie confronting you. Your bosom ought to be directly before your endearing faces. 

•    Side-lying. While resting, place your child close by you. Your child ought to confront you. Pull your child near you so the individual can lock on. 

You can go through a pad to prop, if necessary. This position can help in the event that you had a cesarean area (C-segment). You would prefer not to nod off while nursing right now (other) position. Co-resting can be risky for your child. It expands the danger of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). 

•    Football. Fold your child under your arm, along your side. Their head ought to rest in your grasp. Bolster your infant’s body with your lower arm. 

Your infant …


Why Investing in Real Estate While You Are Still Young is An Unexcelled Idea

In case you’re youthful and you’re hoping to buy another home to live in, perhaps you ought to think about transforming your first home into a venture property. While the vast majority hold up until after they’ve purchased their first or second home to start putting resources into land, you could begin a lot of sooner than you might suspect. We’ll clarify why hopping into the land contributing game may be a smart thought and you have the OUG Parklane, Ekocheras, Vortex KLCC, KL Eco City, or KL Traders Square to check if ever you will decide to agree with this article.

cd0f7af3eb0e1ddf70f6271fcd3f5de0 - Why Investing in Real Estate While You Are Still Young is An Unexcelled Idea

Numerous individuals, particularly in the wake of the home loan emergency, have wound up pondering: “Is purchasing a house a wise venture?” One approach to facilitate your stresses over in the case of purchasing a house will pay off is by leasing the main home you purchase. By transforming your home into a venture property, you can use your not exactly impeccable credit, not exactly the immaculate way of life and restricted obligations into speculation. Everything necessary is a tad of smarts and land intelligence.

Making your first home a speculation conflicts with the general thoughts of individual account. Indeed it conflicts with how the vast majority approach post-school life. The run of the mill budgetary timetable for your normal American grown-up might resemble this:

* School
* First Job
* First rental
* Second/third rental
* Marriage
* Starter Home
* Kids
* Second Home
* Instruction
* Ventures

There’s nothing amiss with following that course of events since it can give you a lot of time to assemble credit, set aside cash and appreciate being youthful. Yet, in case you’re a 22-year-old college alumni with a strong activity (bravo), holding up until you’re very much into your 30s or 40s to begin contributing probably won’t be insightful.

Here are reasons why you ought to engage in putting resources into land while you’re as yet youthful.

1. You’re Young

Being youthful and autonomous can be quite astounding. You can make your own principles, live where you need, purchase what you need and travel at whatever point you need. In any case, that can get old before long, particularly on the off chance that you have different objectives as a primary concern.

With all the cash, no doubt about it “carrying on with the life” while living in a bad loft could be spent on something different. Setting aside cash and building credit isn’t inconceivable and they’re a piece of what you’ll have to meet all requirements for a home loan advance (more on that underneath).

Your present way of life may really permit you to reduce expenses in a manner that probably won’t be conceivable sometime down the road when you have bigger commitments.

In the event that you can figure out how to successfully deal with your cash, you can concoct enough money for an upfront installment.

2. Real Estate is Affordable

As indicated by ongoing reports from National Association of Realtors home costs are on the ascent. Be that as it may, most land markets present numerous deals to potential purchasers as bothered deals. Troubled deals are homes or properties that have for the most part been dispossessed that the bank is eager to sell at a misfortune so as to clear its books. These bothered deals additionally assist drive with bringing down the expense of all properties in the zone.

There are a lot of homes that are about to get foreclosed, available to be purchased. Getting one would permit you to claim a venture for fundamentally not as much as market esteem, particularly as costs start to rise. Prior to purchasing any property, be that as it may, it’s essential to ensure you buy a house that you can bear.

Here’s an interesting video on how to buy a house without ever going broke:

3. Passive Income

If you are purchasing a property that you plan to rent out, you’ll be able to profit off your investment as soon as you find tenants. Then you can take the money you earn and reinvest it in your property or use it to pay off other bills and debts.

Industry principles state that you’re required to put at any rate 20% down when purchasing a house. Yet, on the off chance that you can’t bear to pay that much, you may have the option to buy a speculation property with substantially less than that by getting an FHA credit.

4. FHA Loans

FHA advances give individuals who don’t have the best credit the opportunity to become property holders. On the off chance that you conclude that contributing is for you, an FHA advance could be the ideal method to back the buy. There is one trick, be that as it may, FHA advances necessitate that you live in the property you look to buy. To get around that standard, you can buy a property with up to four rental units and make one unit your main living place.

5. Altering Demographics

As per a report delivered by the Research Institute for Housing America, homeownership among outsiders across the country is relied upon to represent 36% of lodging development throughout the following decade. This is expected in huge part, as indicated by the report, to the powerful urges among foreigners to become property holders.…

Perspective View axpXxv 2WXjs1CuxXzuh large 1080x720 - My Own Property - A Condo!

My Own Property – A Condo!

I own a Condo now!

I haven’t been able to talk about it, but after many years, I finally got to own my own condo! It has been on my mind for awhile, but I am proud to say I can afford one now after many years of hustling! Now I want to encourage all of you to consider owning your own condo as well. In this article, you get to learn more about the pros and cons of owning a condo.

If articles bore you to death, check out this video instead:

Are you planning to get a condo unit of your own? Are you having doubts? Well, you shouldn’t. Getting a condo could probably one of the best and the smartest decision you could ever make. If you are planning on getting your own condo unit, there sure are a lot of reasons why it’s a smart thing to do. The possibilities, the many benefits you could get are endless. Because of this, condo units are in high demand right now.

Here are some of the many benefits you could get:

Less Maintenance

Probably one of the many benefits of living in a condo is that other people do the maintenance for you. They cut the grass, maintain the grounds, fix the roof, and you don’t have to worry about finding someone to replace the siding. If you’re a first-time homeowner, in poor health, busy with work, like to travel, or you just don’t want to deal with all those chores, this is a major benefit. It makes things less stressful and less hassle than it would have been if you chose to get a place of your own. Condos can also be a good option if you want to age in place because you have close neighbors, experienced maintenance staff to take care of big repairs, and plenty of activities to keep you engaged with your community.


Many condos offer gated or locked entries, doorkeepers, or even security professionals for residents. If you live alone or security is a concern for you, this can be reassuring because it might reduce the risk of home break-ins. With the security they provide, you don’t have to worry about anything. In addition, you live in close proximity to many other people, which means that in an emergency, you’ll have plenty of people to turn to for help. Rest assured, in the verve rentals, you will have ample security all around.


Want a pool? Or a fitness centre? Or maybe a Wednesday game nights at the community clubhouse? Many condo communities offer residents amenities that are out of reach for the average homeowner. These amenities can also make it much easier to get to know your neighbours. If you live alone or love to socialize, this can be a great perk. If you want a condo with many amenities, Verve Suites KL and marc service residence contains the best amenities.


investinrealestate 56c337ac5f9b5829f86b24ce - My Own Property - A Condo!

Condominiums are often priced lower than single-family homes. The average selling price for a single-family home hovered around $260,000(THB 7865000.00. Condos typically have a lower average selling price – around $248,200(THB 7508050). Depending on the region and the community, the asking price can be dramatically lower than a single-family home. So, if you want to dive into homeownership on you’re on a tighter budget, a condo can be a great first step.


In years past, condos typically appreciated at a slower rate than single-family homes because single-family homes are more appealing to more people. More importantly, you get land when you buy a home, and land is a huge factor in appreciation.

Proximity to City Life

Many condos are located close to vibrant downtown areas, which is appealing for many reasons. First, some people want to be able to walk, commute by bike, or take public transportation to their job because they’re sick of spending an hour a day or more sitting in rush hour traffic. Living close to your job can save you thousands of dollars each year in fuel and car maintenance costs. You can read more about why you should choose city life here.

Living near a thriving downtown also makes it easy to visit new restaurants, go shopping, and check out the live shows. If you can walk or take public transit, you’ll likely find that you get more exercise because it’s easier to get out and about. Also, condos located in prime neighbourhoods might increase in value faster than condos in the suburbs, which can make them a worthy investment.

There sure are so many benefits you could get from getting a condo unit or a suite from Verve Suites or Marc Residence. Once you experience what it is like living in this place, you’d surely be happy with your choice of acquiring slot. So what are you still waiting for? Buy property verve suites now! Enjoy the many benefits you could get from them. You’ll surely have an amazing life in this area. Guaranteed, you will not regret it. If you are on the average income side and you can’t afford to buy a property, you can always look at verve suites mont kiara for rent or marc service residence for rent.

digital design marketing and events internship 2017 in malaysia - Different Internships in Malaysia

Different Internships in Malaysia

Different Kinds of Internships in Malaysia

Malaysia is a unique and vibrant country holding a cocktail of cultures, and is home to the famous Petronas Twin Towers. Aside from its impressive capital city, the overall infrastructure of Malaysia is one of the best in Asia and is continuously developing. Rapidly growing as a major Asian business hub, an internship in Malaysia is an ideal opportunity to gain international working experience. The best platform to look for internships is Kerija.

An international Internship Malaysia will look impressive on your CV when applying to companies in the future. Employers will recognize that the intern are much more diverse than other candidates by seeing that they went out of your comfort zone by interning in a foreign country. Going abroad to pursue a Malaysia internship will not only increase your skills and knowledge but also your professional network by meeting industry professionals.

Here are the 4 internships offered in Malaysia:

1. Engineering

When one thinks about Engineering, Asia is probably not the first destination that comes to mind. However, Asia not only produces a lot of parts used in various fields of engineering but also has a booming industry with potential for more growth. Engineering and construction have soared side-by-side with economic growth, making Asia a prime location to further your career in this industry.

Students, graduates or young professionals who have chosen a career in engineering can look forward to very good job prospects, as engineering is a broad field that plays an important role in many sectors of society. What one can bear in mind though, especially when choosing an area of specialization, is that certain engineering disciplines provide more opportunities than others today.

Due to the scale of modern manufacturing and its requirements for peak efficiency, industrial engineering happens to be one of the higher-demand engineering disciplines. This is not surprising as industrial engineers determine the fastest and most efficient ways for factories to use and manage their equipment, procedures and employees.
Electrical engineering is yet another field of engineering, out of several others, with brighter job prospects. This could be because it incorporates several other equally important engineering disciplines, such as electronics engineering.

Electronics is, of course, a significant part of modern life; electronics engineers even work on telecommunications and data communications equipment which are widely used today. And so the demand for engineers in the electrical/electronic field is projected to be even higher in the future.

Because they are primarily tasked with designing, constructing and maintaining most of the vital physical and digital infrastructure on which the world runs, and also maintaining the environment, civil engineers are also in high demand today, and young professionals in the field can expect a bright future.

2. Business Development

digital design marketing and events internship 2017 in malaysia - Different Internships in Malaysia

Business development has most potential where there are room and potential for growth. Business is the fastest-growing economic region in the world. Different businesses are seeing the large potential in the Asian market and moving to establish a foothold here. Business is booming like never before. This makes Asia an ideal environment to gain invaluable experience.

Businesses are always looking for ways to acquire new customers while selling additional products and services to existing ones. In fact, they cannot possibly thrive or survive without doing so.

Business development executives serve as a point of execution in the markets business’s target, and they are also a major source of vital information as regards market conditions and dynamics.

On the other hand, they use their skills to sell a business’s ideas, products and services to its target market. If a business were a vehicle, then business development personnel would be the tires.

For these reasons and more, the role of a business developer is a very crucial one in any business, and experienced business developers are always in very high demand across different industries and in most job sectors, whether it’s business-to-business (B2B), or business-to-customer (B2C).

3. Information Technology

The information technology industry is forever growing and is dictating how we live in today’s modern world. For this reason, information technology internships in Asia are wide open, due to the high demand in the industry.

Interning in the IT sector in Asia will introduce you to a varied range of work areas including app and website development, database design, software engineering, and among others. You will also get to learn different aspects of the Asian culture as well as develop an international working experience that you can put on your resume.

4. Non-government organizations

An international Non-Profit internship in Asia is one of the most satisfying opportunities one can have. It takes effort and motivation, but the reward one can get in return is of a much higher value. The happiness one can get from helping others is defined by Aristotle as “Beatitudo,” this is the happiness that comes from seeing other people being happy and helping other people.

Watch this video on an intern’s experience in an NGO:

There are a lot of different NGOs in Asia, varying from the improvement of less fortunate women and children to helping the improvement of the environment. There is always a sector in the NGO industry which you can find interesting and appealing to be a part of.

money wasted on supplements - Make A Business About Liver Supplements

Make A Business About Liver Supplements

Make A Business About Liver Supplements

Are you planning to start a business?

If you are, then you must make sure that you have a lot of time and patience since it does not only need money. Starting a business is never easy, you have to make sure that you have an edge or an upper hand compared to others. Since it is your first time starting a business in your life, make sure that the product you are going to sell is in high demand.

In addition to that, it would be best if you are going to have a partner or an assistant who already have an experience on how to run a business. Remember, you can’t just run a business by reading a book or watching business videos, you have to actually experience it.

Tongrentang%20Huoweisan%201 2 - Make A Business About Liver Supplements

Going back, since we are all talking about a popular product, why don’t you try selling liver supplements? Don’t you know that a lot of people are now buying liver supplements? By buying liver supplements, it is guaranteed that your liver will be in a good shape or in other words, your liver will be healthy. If it is the price you are worried about, you don’t have to because it is affordable. But, even though it is affordable, it doesn’t mean that it does not work well. Remedy for Hepatitis malaysia who specialized in the liver have already approved it. So, don’t think twice and sell liver supplements now.

960x0 - Beautiful Bali: Garuda Wisnu Kencana
Bali, Blogging

Beautiful Bali: Garuda Wisnu Kencana

This is how $270 million and 4000 tons of brass and copper will look like.

Envisioned to be much, much taller than our current Statue of Liberty which is 151 feet, Garuda Wisnu Kencana, when completed will stand at 479 feet when it is completed, sitting on the hill of Bukit, Bali, Indonesia.

Seriously, when I stared at Garuda Wisnu Kencana I couldn’t help but think, what the hell is Malaysia doing?

garuda wisnu kencana 1 450x600 - Beautiful Bali: Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Bali, Indonesia

Really, when you see a project this big you can’t help gasp in awe. This is something that we thought that is what the crazy people of Ancient Egypt or Greece will ever dream up of doing. But our neighbor Indonesia is already halfway through creating another wonder of the world.

Just look at the size of that big bird!

garuda wisnu kencana 5 600x399 - Beautiful Bali: Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Bali, Indonesia

garuda wisnu kencana 10 600x450 - Beautiful Bali: Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Bali, Indonesia

In case you’re wondering, Wisnu, otherwise known as Vishnu in India, is the Hindu god of preservation, the god of all gods. And Garuda is Vishnu’s divine vehicle, the big protector of choice.

Well, I just love to refer Him as the Big Bird.

garuda wisnu kencana 9 600x450 - Beautiful Bali: Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Bali, Indonesia

garuda wisnu kencana 2 600x400 - Beautiful Bali: Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Bali, Indonesia

Bali is highly influenced by Hinduism since the 11th century, thus you can see exquisite levels of crafts and culture lingering on in our life even after decades. And today Hinduism still make up more than 80% of the religious devotees in Bali. Well, save the tourists, of course.

Seriously, Garuda Wisnu Kencana is huge. Really, really huge. If they need to separate the head/torso, the hands and the Big Bird to put them at three different places because it’s too huge to put them together, you know how huge it is.

Alright, maybe not. Let me show you the hugeness of it. 479 feet is like 1/3rd of the height of our proud Petronas Towers (KLCC).

garuda wisnu kencana 6 399x600 - Beautiful Bali: Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Bali, Indonesia

And what about the $270 million? Well half of it goes to completing the statue, the other half goes to creating a shopping mall around it.

According to my reliable sources apparently what they’re going to do with the empty spaces around is to create a giant shopping mall which is projected to attract 10,000 visitors a day.

garuda wisnu kencana 4 600x399 - Beautiful Bali: Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Bali, Indonesia

garuda wisnu kencana 3 600x399 - Beautiful Bali: Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Bali, Indonesia

But then, apparently they ran out of cash to do it now. 😡 So yeah, it’s still half completed, lol.

Anyway, this is how the Garuda Wisnu Kencana will look like when it is done, this is a miniature version of it that they did.

garuda wisnu kencana 8 441x600 - Beautiful Bali: Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Bali, Indonesia

Of course, I’m sure they will continue the work very soon. The tour guide speaks of the place with great passion and hope, and he’s really proud of this creation of their country. I’m sure Bali won’t disappoint them.

You just ought to admire their effort, no? I would like to share a quote I have heard,

“When you wake up in the morning,you have two choices, to sleep and continue to dream or to wake up and chase them.”

Obviously, they did. 😉

garuda wisnu kencana 11 600x450 - Beautiful Bali: Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Bali, Indonesia

And ooo, cute monster thingy! Let’s camwhore!

garuda wisnu kencana 7 600x450 - Beautiful Bali: Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Camwhore with cute monster thingy at GWK, Bali, Indonesia…

20180812 194206 e1534071282853 - Beautiful Bali: Dicks oh Dicks, Small, Big and HUGE

Beautiful Bali: Dicks oh Dicks, Small, Big and HUGE

In case you’re wondering, Bali is heavily influenced by Hinduism since the 10th century. Lord Shiva is part of Hinduism.

bali dick 9 600x399 - Beautiful Bali: Dicks oh Dicks, Small, Big and HUGE

The Bali Dick Keychains

bali dick 8 399x600 - Beautiful Bali: Dicks oh Dicks, Small, Big and HUGE

Wooden Bali Dick Carvings

bali dick 10 600x450 - Beautiful Bali: Dicks oh Dicks, Small, Big and HUGE

Bali Dick Bottle Openers

Hodder M. Westropp wrote this in a 1870 article when studying phallic worship practices around the world:

“Three phases in the representation of the phallus should be distinguished–first, when it was the object of reverence and religious worship; secondly, when it was used as a protecting power against evil influences of various kinds, and as a charm or amulet against envy and the evil eye… thirdly, when it was the result of mere licentiousness and dissolute morals.”

Hmm, so the dick can be a charm or amulet against envy and all the evil eye? So I guess that explains why guys with bigger dicks have bigger ego. Ahem.

bali dick 3 600x450 - Beautiful Bali: Dicks oh Dicks, Small, Big and HUGE

The Bali Dick Keychains

It is also said that by worshiping the phallus you can have better reproductive and regenerative powers. Read: better sex life.

Well anyway, spiritual or not, it is kind of peculiar when you see a country that is famous for its traditionalism and spirituality to have so many artifacts of the male reproductive organ around. Perhaps it’s just us that make so much of a taboo out of sex. The Balinese sees sex as just a natural passage of life, and children from the young age are already accustomed to being open about sex and sexuality, with their peers and family.

So sometimes we have to wonder, who are the peculiar ones, them or us?

bali dick 2 450x600 - Beautiful Bali: Dicks oh Dicks, Small, Big and HUGE

Yee and the Bali Dick Keychains

bali dick 4 450x600 - Beautiful Bali: Dicks oh Dicks, Small, Big and HUGE

Aki and the Giant Bali Dick Sculpture

Culture shock, hmm. But ooh, the girls go gaga when they see dicks everywhere. You can’t blame them, can you?

Same to the gays as well. 0:)

bali dick 1 450x600 - Beautiful Bali: Dicks oh Dicks, Small, Big and HUGE

Grey, Nick and the Bali Dick Keychains

bali dick 6 450x600 - Beautiful Bali: Dicks oh Dicks, Small, Big and HUGE

Grey and The Giant Dick Sculpture in Bali!

And I’d bet the dildo whores will be happy to see one this big too. It’s like up to my knee height. Like just barely shorter than 1 meter. I can see the size queens drooling from miles away already. Yes you. Wipe em off.

bali dick 7 600x450 - Beautiful Bali: Dicks oh Dicks, Small, Big and HUGE

Wooden Bali Dick Carvings

So who wants a Bali dick?…


Grey’s Bleaching Adventure

Grey is finally… proudly GREY!

Yep, it’s my childhood dream to be GREY, maybe I’ve been playing too much of Final Fantasy and I adore Sephiroth too much. But woot, GREY is COOL!

Now let’s just hope it won’t all fall off too soon. 😛

This is a narcissistic brainless post unlike my previous artsy-fartsy stuffs, so if you don’t mind to bear with my ramblings, read on! 😛

Grey Before Bleaching

270220105395 450x600 - Grey’s Bleaching Adventure

Grey before the hair make over

Well actually, before my latest bleaching feat I already bleached my hair before, like well, a month ago before Chinese New Year, lol. At first I bleached then I tried to dye it grey too, but it failed as apparently i didn’t bleach light enough, the yellow pigment mixed with the blueish-grey dye made my hair turn out being greenish.

And it all came out within 3 days. Yep, 3 days, and the dye went off. Argh!

So I became the blondie for a month now. Well I wouldn’t mind acting dumb in the meantime, it’s fun! 😉

Anyway, I asked my hair stylist Elson Tang after, and he said that I wasn’t using the proper shampoo to wash my hair after dyeing. Apparently after dyeing your hair with different colors you need to wash them with the color retaining shampoos , or else your colors will fall off pretty quickly. There are color retaining shampoos for almost all colors, in my case I have to use the silver color retaining shampoo.

So aight, this time, I’m determined to do two things:

To go totally GREY, and to keep it there!

And off with BLEACH!

140320105455 450x600 - Grey’s Bleaching Adventure

Grey’s Bleaching Adventure: Bleaching the hair

This is how you’ll look like when you have a pile of bleach stuck on your hair for 3 hours. Yep, I sat there for three hours bleaching my hair, trying to get the result I want.

At first I thought of bleaching the whole head as well, but that will kill all of my hair, and while that looks pretty it’s actually pretty much an ass to maintain. So I opted for bleaching my fringes, as you can see here.

It doesn’t look pretty, and it hurts. Though it doesn’t hurt like hell, it hurts annoyingly on your scalp leaving you squirming on your seat thinking when will it be over. Yep, it’s chemicals after all, what do you expect?

140320105459 450x600 - Grey’s Bleaching Adventure

Grey’s Bleaching Adventure: Done Bleaching

So this is how my hair looks like after bleaching. The shampoo girl commented, “it’s like meehoon”. 😡

Yep, it’s that soft and easy to break. Bleaching your hair to total white kills all pigments and minerals inside the hair until they are dead, totally dead. The whiter you bleach, the more you’re bringing it to death.

First time in my life I bleached white. Bye-bye healthy hair, I will see you in a year.

140320105477 450x600 - Grey’s Bleaching Adventure

Grey’s Bleaching Adventure: Dyeing the hair color

You didn’t really think that I will just go around with that super golden hair and white hair, would ya?

My goal is GREY, yeah, GREY. I wanna be well, GREY!

So we went on to put that GREY dye onto my hair. The technically correct term for it is actually silver, but well, it sounds cooler as GREY. (Actually, silver sounds cooler but don’t mind me :X)

And this is how you looks like when you’re bored on the forth hour already trying to figure out something to do. I brought my PSP and I played it till battery ran out. Forgot to charge em the previous day, lulz.

140320105487 450x600 - Grey’s Bleaching Adventure

Grey’s Bleaching Adventure: Done dyeing!

And here I am, done dyeing my GREY hair! The golden hair part now appear greenish as silver/grey is actually blue pigments, and added with the golden yellow it appears green. But on the white bleached hair, it appears as GREY!

And yeah, GREY is cool!

The End Product!

140320105508 450x600 - Grey’s Bleaching Adventure

Grey’s Bleaching Adventure: The End Product!

Okay, so it may appear blueish and all, but really, it’s really GREY! Or silver. Or ungh, I don’t know what to call it. :X

But anyhow, I’m happy with my hair now. Even though I have to deal with hardcore hair tangles, and the bleached hair takes forever to dry. The normal hair takes like half an hour max to dry, while the bleached part takes an hour plus. Ouch. Not to mention they fall off pretty easily too. :X

But ungh, for my childhood dream — GREY hair, I will deal with it!! Wahahaha!

And thank you for sitting through this endless stream of babbles! I’ll give you some fallen grey hair as a reward… Any takers?…


I’ll Redesign Your Blog… Starting From RM100

Yep, I will redesign your blog, starting from head to toe, a total change. With a small price of kindness, starting from RM100.

And each cent of that will go to charity.

This is my offer to the Twestival event, an annual global charity event held on March 25th to raise funds for a life charity body. This year, the charity body that is going to benefit is Concern Worldwide, a non-profit organization dedicated to help people in poverty through education programmes across Africa, Asia and the Carribean.

Twestival KL last year was a big hit, and this year I’m sure even more people is going to take part!

The bid for my services of complete blog redesign starts from RM100. Each single cent of that goes to Concern Worldwide. If you think that my services worth more than that, and our friends and children could have deserve more than what you get, start bidding for your best price! 😀

twestkl poster - I’ll Redesign Your Blog… Starting From RM100

Twestival Kuala Lumpur Poster

How It Works

Twestival is all about raising funds by bidding on services or items offered by other users through Twitter. You can bid on an offer made by another user, pay that amount, if you’re the highest bidder you get that offer, and the money goes to the charity.

What, you don’t have a Twitter account yet? What are you waiting for, go get one!

If you already have an account, you can already start bidding on the various services that are being offered by numerous other Twitter veterans! Here’s how:

To bid for a service/item

1. Visit the Twestival KL Wikispaces Page to see what services or items are up for grabs.

2. Bid for items by tweeting:

[Bid number – associated with the service/item you want] [Your bid amount] #twestklbid
(e.g. “[005 @aprilyim pole dance RM100 #twestklbid]

Note: We will scan the tag for bids everyday and edit them into the Wiki. The amount by the highest bidder will be updated in the Wiki.

3. On March 25, we will open all auctions from the last online bid, and all those present will have the opportunity to outbid the highest bidder from online. If you are unable to attend, but still want to bid for an item/service, please make a bid and drop us another Tweet using the #twestklbid informing us. We will be in touch.

Yep, that’s it! And if you’re curious about what kind of things or services people are offering now and the starting bid prices, here’s a glimpse:

[002] @nikicheong Guest Tweet for you (5 Tweets) — RM 50
[005] @aprilyim — My Pole Dance –RM 50
[006] @dustyhawk –Three IDE Harddrive 120gb,80gb,320gb +1external cove — RM 100
[008] @azrinarizz – A 1 hour street Photoshoot(KL area): Shoot+1DVD copy of shoot — RM 50
[012] @joshlim — One night of clubbing with Josh & hot bloggers — RM 100

There are a huge range of other things up for bids too, so be sure to check out the Twestival KL Wikispaces Page! If you pay attention, those are some huge names around. And yep, they’re joining the cause too!

What About My Offer??

Well, to put it simply, if you get my bid, here’s what you’ll get:

  • A custom designed blog template  for your blog tailored to you: for your personality, your topic, your readers, your market, your ideas.
  • In Photoshop format, so that you can edit and change things later on if you wish,
  • In HTML/CSS/Javascript. In Blogger or WordPress or any blog platform of your choice. Yes, I will code that design to be your blog template unique to you. So for God’s sake, don’t sell it! 😛
  • Advices and a lil bit of training on blog housekeeping to make your blog accessible, user friendly and well, nice. 🙂

And the T&Cs:

  1. No commercial or corporate blogs. Only for personal blogs.
  2. Project lasts for 3 weeks. I will try my best to finish up within the period, so please work with me, will you? 🙂
  3. Communications will be made through email, Skype, any IM services, or if you’re in the KL/PJ area, we can come out for yum-cha sessions. 😀
  4. Blogs of any genre welcome. Food porn blogs encouraged. Porn blogs… uhh, we’ll have to see about that.

If you’re wondering, I have just started working in the web design industry since last year, and falling in love with it day by day. Just a matter of trivia, I hated web design back in my college days. I got my first job as a web designer in this web design agency, and well, I’m still on my first job. 😛

Why so cheap, you ask? Firstly, I take this as an opportunity to do some charity work, to practice my skills a bit as well as to expand my portfolio. Secondly, I think that a mere small part of modification to a blog such as just the header or maybe a few buttons doesn’t do it justice, so I’ll go for the whole thing instead. 😀 And hey, it’s all fun!

If you’re still skeptical, well here’s some of the works I’ve done before:

brillany 600x447 - I’ll Redesign Your Blog… Starting From RM100

Brillany Photography Website, my brother’s photography blog 😀

brusselsbeercafe 600x450 - I’ll Redesign Your Blog… Starting From RM100

Brussels Beer Cafe Website

caramelz 600x457 - I’ll Redesign Your Blog… Starting From RM100, do I need to explain? 🙂

everythingbabything 600x452 - I’ll Redesign Your Blog… Starting From RM100, a website that sells baby products

orientrewards 600x447 - I’ll Redesign Your Blog… Starting From RM100

Orient Rewards website mockup, development in progress 🙂

shinjiru sharepoint 600x458 - I’ll Redesign Your Blog… Starting From RM100

My company, Shinjiru’s internal business portal (Sharepoint)

Enough of me, now it’s YOUR turn!

If you don’t have a Twitter account yet, GO GET ONE!

If you got a …

FeatureImage best time to post on instagram 1080x810 - Change: A Waste Of Time?

Change: A Waste Of Time?

I was talking with my friends about change. Apparently, change seems to be quite a controversial topic, in some cases. No matter if it’s a change of place, a change of environment, perhaps a change of career or relationship status, there is always one element something that is taken into consideration:


Apparently, a change is waste of time. Not the time for the process of changing itself, but the time spent on the activity before the change.

It is as if that if you made a change, whatever that you have done before, all is just wasted down the drain and the change is “not worth it”.

Or is that really the case?

867628074 5a2ebe688b o 398x600 - Change: A Waste Of Time?

Image by TW Collins on Flickr

When do you need change?

Change comes in two forms: by fate, or by will. Usually the former is uncontrollable, if it happens, it happens, and you can’t do anything about it. But the latter is a decision that is in our hands, that we can choose if we want it to happen.

And usually it’s a tough decision indeed.

If we are to choose if we want to change, it is usually out of desperation, tiredness, or boredom. It is ultimately a loss of interest in something that only then, the idea of change comes to mind.

However, apparently, the longer the time we have invested in the subject, the harder it is for us to change.

If you have been dating for the guy for 5 years, and even though you have gone so tired of his feats you are afraid of change, because it would be a waste of what you have done for him.

If you have been working in the company for 8 years, and a change of career will probably bring new prospects and new developments, the fear of change strikes when the sense of insecurity and the idea of adaptation to a new environment makes you feel even more tired of your job now.

If you have started studying the course for a few semesters and you find that it is not something you would like to do for life, but you are afraid to switch your course because of the time and money you have paid to get this far.

But, seriously, what is better for you? Being stuck in a bad state, or taking that step to make things happen for better?

Making that step to change for better

Sometimes when we are afraid to make that change, we will just sit back and pray that everything else will change to be what we want it to be.

But as the old saying goes, “If you can’t change the others, you’ll have to change yourself.

If you want to have a better life, make that step. Time is an irrelevant measure, because if today isn’t good, tomorrow is not likely to be better. Of course I’m not encouraging you to throw your resignation letter just because you had a bad day at work, it’s an analogy, well you know what I mean. 😛

Observe for a period of time before the change. And when you’re sure that things will not get better, go for it.

It doesn’t matter if things will get better or worse, most importantly you have made that step to change what was not good before.

If it gets better, congratulations, you’ve made the right choice!

If it gets worse, congratulations too, it’s time for another change!

Change, anyone?

So, are you considering making that change now? 😉 Or are you still in doubt, weighting the consequences and the “price”?…

welcome to the famous - Why Everyone On The Net Wants To Be Famous

Why Everyone On The Net Wants To Be Famous

Well, I admit, that statement is an exaggeration. But really, just Google the word “how to be famous” and you have millions of websites and spamsites dedicated to “help you grow famous”.

This post is NOT a guide to teach you how to become a famous person, no, I don’t know how to do that because I’m NOT famous. But here’s an exploration of why being famous can be good.

You should know by now there are plenty of stories to hear on this blog. Here’s another one. 😉

Art, or fart?

My last post on Hyperminimalism Writing had gotten some pretty interesting comments. Many commented that it sounds like a Tweet or how things is nicer to be kept short and simple, but here’s one that caught my attention:

Sounds more like a riddle to me…or…well…the author is just too plain lazy. :p

No deny to that, really. We can’t say that he’s wrong, because to everyone of us with the average eye and mind, it does sound like crap and the author is freaking lazy to come up with crap.

But, lets make an assumption that Bill Gates one day say, “I like Hyperminimalism.” One single word will result in speculation across the net with thousands of tweets and retweets every minute scrutinizing the sentence from head to tail.

The Fountain

Almost one hundred year ago, a man submitted a urinal to an arts exhibition and requested for it to be exhibited. He named the urinal as “The Fountain“, and his rationale behind the artwork is on Dadaism philosophy, which disregards traditional notions of art and calling his Fountain “found art”.

Marcel Duchamp Urinal 507x600 - Why Everyone On The Net Wants To Be Famous

It was rejected.

But that doesn’t stop from it launching Marcel Duchamp into fame. His Dada movement peers were angered by the rejection, and instead of making Marcel a fool of the time, he got famous as an avant-garde which made a major contribution in the 20th century arts movment.

The point is, if Duchamp did not have the network of friends and the level of fame he has around his friends at the art scene as a Post-Impressionist artist, he would not have survived the attack as he would be so lack of supporters. With a bit of fame and networking, it’s different.

You know what an editorial said about why Duchamp’s The Fountain is so important?

“Whether Mr Mutt made the fountain with his own hands or not has no importance. He CHOSE it. He took an article of life, placed it so that its useful significance disappeared under the new title and point of view – created a new thought for that object.”

Well, let’s not care about how that contributes to the art scene and how is that affecting the art philosophy today.

Our focus here is Duchamp’s fame: if it wasn’t because of Duchamp’s fame before, nobody could have given a shit about what he did, let alone defend Duchamp’s feats. Enough said.

So, do you want to be famous now?

Or do you already want to be famous? 😉

Today if you have a very famous blog or Tweet, you are pretty much guaranteed a good living from all the advertising offers or endorsements or free iPhones and Nexus One being given out for you to test. Not to mention you’ll probably have a few thousand followers watching your back, tweeting (pun intended) about your good moves and clattering about your bad ones.

Famous Spiderman quote, “With great power comes great responsibility.” But oh, power is something so hard to resist.

With the Internet and today’s development in social networking, being famous is a matter of strategy, time, and of course, luck. But I am not going to teach you how to, because I am not famous neither, and without the fame and authority whatever I said does not weight as much as what the people at Mashable said. 😉

Do you have anything to say about people trying to be famous? Or what’s your take on today’s fight for fame?…


Challenge: Hyperminimalism Writing

So we have hyperminimalism in the visual arts and architecture (pretty much thanks to the modernists and Kasimir Malevich for starting Suprematism), but have you heard of hyperminimalist writing?

I first came across this idea from Unpublished Guy’s blog. His blog is:

“Something happened. A man with glasses was involved.”

So what about that?

The idea is to dip and dap into all the ideas that you’re presenting, then leave everything else for the reader to fill in the blanks. As our Unpublished Guy puts it, “Minimalism leaves the reader to take an active role in the creation of the story by filling in the blanks left by the author’s spare prose.”

So lets see what kind of interesting ideas in life that we can get from here? 😉

malevich black red square1 377x600 - Challenge: Hyperminimalism Writing

Of course, you don’t get the picture until you’ve seen more of these. Here’s more example from Naissance, a blog by Shelli,

“It shattered like the glass embedded in her hand.”

Somehow, the power of hyperminimalist writing seperates you from everything else on the page, and when you read that single line your head spins to imagine the scene and everything else around it too — the shattering sound, her face as it shattered, the environment, or what is it that actually shattered. Her heart, perhaps?

Another example from Crockstar Blog,

“Sometimes shorter really is better.”

Or is it?

You question and it keeps you thinking, don’t you? So there, it’s successful. 😉

So to try my hand at this… here’s some of my plays:

“Two mice and a cheese. One has to go.”

Maybe that’s too long. Here’s another:

“Reaching my hands out to touch, yet it’s a mirage too far.”

One last one:

“He moans and shoot into the air.”

Ahem. 😛

Perhaps these can make a good Twitter or Tumblr idea. 😛

So come on, try your hand with this and see what you can come out with. I’m wanna know what’s in your head!…


Making Your Weakness Your Partner, And Dance With It

We’ve talked about maximizing your strengths on the previous post, now what do we do with your weaknesses?

We all have our bad times. Or perhaps some of us are already born with the certain disadvantages that put us a notch below the others. But actually, who is it that is there to determine what is normal or success? And how do we weight ourselves, is it from your heart, or is it from how others see you?

After watching this talk by Aimee Mullins on TEDs, I guess she gave us a very simple but powerful answer.

“It is not so much about overcoming adversity as it is opening ourselves to it, embracing it. Grappling with it. Maybe even dancing with it. Perhaps as we see adversity as something natural, consistent and useful, we’re less burdened by the presence of it. “

Dancing with adversity, making it your partner. Now that’s some new idea that we all can use.

Aimee Mullins: A Living Miracle

aimeemullins 461x600 - Making Your Weakness Your Partner, And Dance With It

Image courtesy of Rams Sports Performance

Aimee Mullins was born without fibulae in both legs. In other words, she had to amputate both legs off when she was 1 year old, and theoretically she will have to live on a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

That’s what the doctors think.

And of course, as of all stories of all great people in this world, she did not buy that idea and made a miracle out of her adversity. She learned to walk using prosthetic legs by the age of two, and went on to do all what other “normal” kids will do — walk, swim, play, and run.

Oh yes, she can run really well. With her specially designed prosthetic legs she had set World Records on 100 meter, 200 meter and the long jump during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. No, she did not compete with the other “handicapped” group, she competed with the “normal” bunch who had meat on both sides of the legs, just like you and me.

Oh, instead you’re wondering why she looks so pretty and hot, she did model for Alexander McQueen back in the late 90s. Yep, she’s a model. A hot one at that.

And that is determination. And of course, she did what she preached in this video: to embrace your weaknesses and dance with it.

I am a huge fan of TEDTalks, and this video is another reason why you should watch them.

“The Opportunity Of Adversity”

Accepting And Embracing Your Weaknesses

Well, I’m sure not every one of you are patient enough to sit through the 22 minutes of the video. Let me just summarize the story for you here.

If you have a weakness, or at bad times, accept it to be part of you, embrace it and turn it into an opportunity to do great things.

A lot of us know that we have our own problems. It may be a physical, mental or spiritual problem. And a lot of us chose to just nod our heads at it, and decide to tuck them under the bed or the old dusty chest of the unknown in our hearts and hope we’ll never see them again.


Running away from your problems will not make them go away. They are still there, and they will be back to haunt you no matter how hard you try to hide them.

And if the problems won’t go away, why not just accept and embrace it, and make it a part of you to be proud of?

I personally have problems of my own too. I have been living with the pain of arthritis for the past 15 years, and still counting. I do admit that sometimes I will feel that I can’t achieve what many others can due to my own problems, mostly physically, but I know that I can excel in other parts of life if I work hard (and maybe smart) enough.

Aimee Mullins achieved what many has deemed “impossible” and became a living motivation for all of us. Now, I am passing on the motivation love to you. 🙂

Turning “Disable” To “Poss-able”

At the end of the video, Aimee shared her version of the word “Disable”, different from that from the dictionary:

Disable, (verb)
To crush a spirit, to withdraw hope, to deflate curiousity, to promote an inability to see beauty, to deprive of imagination. To make abject.

Ant. To make poss-able.

Someone with problems is not disabled until you crush their hope. And you are not disabled until you have lost hope.

The day you accepted yourself as a whole, the day you have gained so much more. Perhaps more than many others in this world will ever find, because everything about you, including your weaknesses and problems, are special to your own. Keep them.…


Use Your Strengths To The Max, And Leave The Rest To Fate

Lets face it, we all live in an imperfect world. And in an imperfect world nobody’s perfect. When nobody’s perfect, there is no such thing as equality, because we are all too different from one another.

That is, in fact, the beauty of nature.

And lets face it, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. It’s not just our strengths or talents that determine how successful are you. Opportunities come and go, it’s also a matter of how well you can utilize your talents when the opportunities come to you.

There is a Chinese saying, “to be successful you need the right time, the right place, and the right people”. To put it simply, if you want to be good, you need to do the right thing at the right time, right place and with the right people around you.

Here’s the catch. You have your strengths and weaknesses. The trick is to capitalize your strengths and talents to the max, find ways to fix your weaknesses, and when you’ve done your part, you can just leave the rest to fate.

light art buddha2 600x450 - Use Your Strengths To The Max, And Leave The Rest To Fate

Image by felipebrito on Flickr

Always Be Prepared

As humans we can only control so much. We may try to meet the right people and source for the right place, but the right time is often out of our control. And who knows what Fate can bring you to, perhaps a better or worse state. You will never know when the opportunity will come to you, because fate weaves and interweaves in such manner that some of us manage to catch them on the spot, while some of us missed the opportunity because “we’re not ready yet”.

There’s also a Chinese saying, “you prepare off the stage for 10 years for a 3 minutes performance on stage”. If you don’t want to miss any opportunities because “you’re not ready”, then you have to prepare yourself for the war, for the stage.

There is nothing more important to be prepared mentally and physically when the opportunity comes. You may think that the war or the performance only lasts for a few minutes, but it is always the split second that you make your decisions, that you “do the right thing” that makes the difference.

light art buddha 600x492 - Use Your Strengths To The Max, And Leave The Rest To Fate

Image by felipebrito on Flickr

Be Really Good At What You’re Good At

You know what you are good at, and you know what you’re not. If you want to be recognized by what you are good at (and not the other way round), you have to be good at it. As in, really good. You read up books, you go for trainings, you research and learn, you do it again and again until you’re really good at it.

So that when the time comes, when fate presents you with the opportunity, you will not miss it and do a great performance, to fight a great war, so that it can launch you to another level of success.

Of course, if you want it the other way round, you can continue to sulk in what you’re bad at and be really good at what you’re bad at. Then you’re pretty much prepared for failure. 🙂

Or you can fix your weaknesses and reduce them to affect you as as little as possible. As you know that your weaknesses cannot be removed totally, you can focus on your strengths to make them better, but not let your weaknesses pull you down.

Capitalize your talents, then the time will come

Eventually, your time will come. As long as you keep yourself open to opportunities, and as long as you keep yourself prepared, you know that one day you will do a good show, fight a good war.

One thing God is great at, is that He always give us chances to succeed. It is up to us if we want to grip onto the chances and use it to the max to yield great success.

It doesn’t matter if others are better than you. What matters more is how good you’ve done your part when you’re supposed to be doing it. And that makes a difference between a good person, and a great person.

So, do you think that you’re always prepared for a good war or a good show? 🙂

As I said, fate weaves and interweaves in a manner out of our grasps. My life has been going up and down pretty much lately, so sorry guys if I haven’t been active on the blogosphere. I will be back on track real soon, I promise!


My Three Little (Guinea) Pigs

I have three little pigs.

Well, guinea pigs, at least.

And aww, they pull my heart alright! Though I must admit all those squeeking and squeeling and running about during midnight can be an annoyance, but ooh, look at them!

Totally adorable. <3

160120105268 600x450 - My Three Little (Guinea) Pigs

The Grey one is getting a year plus old now. He used to partner with my old guinea pig, but that one died due to teeth complications. Guinea pig teeth can keep growing and growing, and if they are not properly structured they can grow into the jaws and locking up their mouth, making them not able to eat. That’s what happened to my last pig. Genetic problems, the doctor said. 🙁

Then Greyhead was lonely for a couple of months now. Like 4 months. And all he does is eat and sleep. That’s why you see that he’s so damn fat.

So a few weeks ago I went to buy Sasame (the darker grey one) and Latte (the coffee colored one) here to accompany Greyhead. At first they were pretty afraid… well for 15 minutes anyway. After a few hours they’re running about chasing each other and cuddling together. Awww.

Though Greyhead still eats the most between them all, but I am sure in time the other two will be just as fat. As fat as ME!

If you’re wondering, they are all Abyssinian guinea pigs. I used to have 2 Sheltie guinea pigs, but oh well, they left me. 🙁

Nevermind, I have Three Little (Guinea) Pigs to keep me company in my room all day and night!

160120105277 600x450 - My Three Little (Guinea) Pigs
160120105275 450x600 - My Three Little (Guinea) Pigs
160120105267 600x450 - My Three Little (Guinea) Pigs
160120105279 600x450 - My Three Little (Guinea) Pigs

Oh my love <3

Do you have any pets yourself? Guinea pigs lovers, anyone? :3…


How much do you trust? Is it enough?

First of all, I have to apologize for my lack of updates and I have been slacking off at reading your blogs. Busy with work and life, my bad at that!! Sorry!

This morning I have heard from the radio station, there was this community message thing done by OneFM from time to time to promote different human values. This time it’s about trust.

The setting was pretty typical, a girl gives her friend something to do, and asks for the progress. The friend reassures that everything is in control, and the girl starts to worry that the details are not done well enough, things are that she must do everything right or they might lose the job and this and that.

The friend listens to her worries for a while and when she couldn’t take it, she interrupts, “You’ve passed the job to me, then you should trust me to do the job well!”

Exactly. Have you ever ask yourself, how much do you trust your friends, family or colleagues, and do you trust them enough?

mother baby underwater - How much do you trust? Is it enough?

Image @Denise Lamby on Flickr

I’m sure that a lot of us work in a team or together with other people a lot of times. Unless you’re a lone ranger then you might not have to deal with anyone else, but then there must be some time that you have to cooperate and work with others to get some things done.

It may be that project you want to pitch for the company, that daily admin job of the office, that wedding you’re going to organize, that Chinese New Year chores you want to start working on with your family, or that holiday trip you’re planning with your friends.

Humans are social animals. We can only get so much done by ourselves, that’s why we need the help of others. And when we need the help of others, we have to trust them to be able to help us.

Lack of confidence is annoying

There’s nothing more annoying than asking help from someone then not trust them enough to do the job. Well it doesn’t matter if you are forced to be in a team or if you asked them for help, but as long as you’re working together, you should trust them.

Because most of the time they know what they’re doing before even taking on the task. This shows that they’re confident to do the job, so why are you not confident in them?

If they’re professionals, you should trust them even more because they know what to do better than you.

If they’re just as clueless as you, you should trust them to be able to make good enough decisions.

If they’re not as competent as you, you should trust them to make some progress and guide them along the way, not doubting and dismissing their thoughts and actions.

Relationships are built on trust

Of course, being overly confident and trusting too much can sometimes lead to disappointment. But really, if you don’t give at least a minimum standard of trust and be an ass trying too hard to get things right your way, you will end up hurting the job and the relationship more than being any real help.

Relationships build on trust. It’s only through trusting someone that we be open to each other and form a great relationship, to be great friends or great family or great colleagues. To gain trust you need to prove yourself to be trustworthy, but you have to do the most basic thing first too.

Learn to trust. 🙂

Do you trust your friends and family enough? Or are you one of the worry-warts that think too much? 😉…


Work efficiency isn’t that important, Working Style is

Well after pondering for a few days I’ve been thinking what else interesting can I write about after my Thailand trip. It was all shopping, food, night life, and everything is just as any other trip.

And I’m sure too much of food porn and shopping showoffs will make you think that I’m an asshole.

So instead of talking about those materialistic achievements and how my waist have grown three inches after my Bangkok trip, I looked back at my tweets during my time in Bangkok and I’ve found this:

I saw a secondary schoolboy doing maths homework with his iPhone, his girlfriend next to him at the foodcourt of Siam Paragon.

A companion of mine commented when he saw this during the trip,

It’s not just about the efficiency of the work, it’s also about the style of how you work!

So really, how true is that?

iphone braun - Work efficiency isn’t that important, Working Style is

Yep, he’s a secondary school boy, 15, or 16 at most, flipping and tinkering around his iPhone while writing his maths answers onto the textbook. While his girlfriend is using her brains most of the time, she takes a peep whenever she gets a chance.

All in a high class shopping mall’s food court, Siam Paragon, which you can compare to our Kuala Lumpur’s Pavilion shopping mall.

That really leaves me pondering.

So you have a normal calculator and you have the iPhone at hand. If given the choice, most of us will choose the iPhone because it’s more efficient.

Or is it?

You can click on the buttons just as good as you click on a normal calculator. But clicking on an iPhone makes you feel better, doesn’t it? The eye candy, the swoosh and swirls and the scrolls and fades, and ooh not to mention the stares of jealousy and envy when people walk around you. That can make you feel real good.

So you can make phone calls and send sms with just any cheap handphone. Why choose an iPhone or Satio?

So you can cook just any dish just as good with a cheap Ikea non-stick pan. Why get a Buffalo Pan?

So you can always get the help of your brother or sister or your wife or husband to help you relieve the pain at your back with some good massage. Why get an Osim massage chair?

So you can just get a simple laptop at a cheap price at the store. Why get a Lenovo or HP or Dell?

Because really, no matter how much you want to deny it, style does play a role in your purchase decisions, because working with style and doing things with style makes you feel good.

So much for our rational decision making, hmm?

But then, this is what drives the consumerist society around. The need of luxury for self-realization and a reaffirmation of self values.

Do you agree that we not only strive to work efficiently, we want to work stylishly as well? And sometimes, even efficiency is compromised, we just plain wanna look stylish!

Hmm, excuse me while I go drool at the Google’s new phone Nexus One. Damn it’s so cool, I wanna get one!…