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Grey’s Bleaching Adventure

Grey is finally… proudly GREY!

Yep, it’s my childhood dream to be GREY, maybe I’ve been playing too much of Final Fantasy and I adore Sephiroth too much. But woot, GREY is COOL!

Now let’s just hope it won’t all fall off …


Change: A Waste Of Time?

I was talking with my friends about change. Apparently, change seems to be quite a controversial topic, in some cases. No matter if it’s a change of place, a change of environment, perhaps a change of career or relationship status, …


Challenge: Hyperminimalism Writing

So we have hyperminimalism in the visual arts and architecture (pretty much thanks to the modernists and Kasimir Malevich for starting Suprematism), but have you heard of hyperminimalist writing?

I first came across this idea from Unpublished Guy’s blog. His blog is: