All About Grey Ang!

Well, its been months since this blog had started, and honestly I didn’t talk much about myself, as much as I wish I do!

To get rid of the anonymity between you and me, I am for once dedicate this post to talk all about me!

Yay, all about Grey! The blabbering bastard that gets high on listening to a guy singing like a girl and talks about sex all the time. Yeesh, what kind of a person is that?

I will not bore you with how many hairstyles I have changed in my life or how many pets I have at home. Instead, I will share with you my interests and thoughts that means a lot to me of who I am.

Well, lets just keep it short, come and learn all about me today!

Warning: Really, really long post ahead!

The Basics First

grey2 418x600 - About

Grey got a new haircut, like yesterday!

By the time I write this post I’m still 22. In 4 months time I’m going to be 23, and oh, time flies! 23 years gone in my life, and what have I done? Catching up with all those porn probably.

It felt like yesterday that I have just graduated from Confucious Private Secondary School and moved on to KBU International College. I graduated from college in Graphic Design, and now I am working in Piradius Design as a web designer.

Doesn’t show through huh? Yeah I think so too. I’m a designer that talks and craps more than design. 😉

Besides that, I am also a choir singer for around 9 years now, and a crappy piano player for around 7 years. I started late in my teens, I’m not greatly talented, but I still enjoy playing it as a hobby. As I always say, if you start now, when you’re 50 years old you’ve probably played for more than 30 years! Isn’t that an achievement? 😀

I love my Chinese and English

My mom thinks that the whole family are bananas who can’t read chinese, so it’s a wise thing to send me to a chinese secondary school. I appreciated that, of course! The Chinese culture is fascinating, 5000 years worth of culture is not something that you can feel in matter of minutes. There are so much Confucianism and Taoism values that I had absorbed and learned to appreciate today.

Many people make the “Confucianism is confusing” joke. Well it’s funny a little, but Confucianism is a very highly respected set of moral values to the Chinese. Go read about it and you will see why, it determines almost 80% of all about Chinese culture today, from values in filial piety to relationships. Mostly everything.

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Grey is so desperate he’ll eat anything. Really!

Then there’s the English world that I’ve come across in college. Thanks to the banana friends and the English nature of the course, I had to brush up my English language skills like from zero to hero. Well not really hero now neither, but you get what I mean. 😛

My banana friends had introduced me to the world of the Western culture. They listened to Rihanna and Lady Gaga, they watched Heroes and Harry Potter, they followed American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance… None, and I mean none of these I have ever come across during my secondary school life. And I love them for doing so. I was a total Taiwan and Hong Kong follower back in secondary school, now I guess I’m a global guy.

An Open Mind

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I’m in Second Life! If you’re in, look me up, the name is Dadaist Gears. 😉

A mix of both worlds had opened my eyes to many things indeed. And with a mix of a third world it really got me going to have the urge seeing the world even more.

What third world, you say? It’s Second Life. For a time during my college I was so free and I came upon this online 3d world community/game thing. And I was hooked, very hooked. There are so much cultural diversity in there that you can never explore it all. I tried, and I was amazed.

Second Life showed me that the world is not as simple as what the media wants us to see. There are so much other subcultures that we can never know from the TV or radio. There are the furries, the Goreans, the steampunks, the goths, the adult scenes, the nekos. There are so much room for experimental developments, so many groups to look into, so wide the spectrum that I was overwhelmed initially.

Then it came to me that the world is really much larger than what we think it is. There are so much to see, so much to learn, the only way to get through all of it is to embrace the differences.

Perhaps this is why I am so open to talk about just anything, because I have a real high threshold for shock factor and differences.

Classical music, the alternative music today

Whenever I tell people that I like classical music, they will give me the look of detest, “Oh that’s some boring crap!” or the trying-very-hard-to-feel-the-same, “Oh I like classical music too! The violins and what’s that thing again… flute? Yeah, the blowy thing. I like that.”

The thing is that many young people don’t listen to classical music anymore, because it is difficult music. It is harder to relate to compared to those disco beats or Top 40 tunes. It has a much more complicated form and if you’re not used to it, you’re prone to fall asleep because of its relaxing effects.

I like relaxing music. Classical music does that for me, and I love it. They may be difficult to catch at first, but if you spend some time reading about it you will appreciate them much more. After all, classical music had always have the dramatic effect that can bring you so much up and down. Listen to these music here, here and here. Each of those music are written 100 years apart, they still are really good today, aren’t they?

Classical music is evergreen, because they’re the essence of history. They reflect the spirit of their times, and can still reflect the spirit of our times today. We love classical music because of it’s power to bring joy and excitement just about anyone, as long as you open your ears to it. Really, try it. 😉

I Love My Sex

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Grey is with Sugar. Well not really a sweet mouth!

In case you haven’t notice by now, I love my sex. I’m very vocal about my porns and I am not afraid to share about sex. I guess one of the reasons why there is that I think that sex is a very human thing, yet most of us are afraid to talk about it due to our Confucianism teachings (see above!).

Sex makes us all happy. And let’s be honest, the word “sex” itself makes you feel curious already. All of us are attracted to sex because of it’s status of being a taboo in our society, it’s like a secret interest that is not so secret anymore.

This blog is made to be an open conversation to be just about anything. I bring up many interesting and sometimes controversial issues so that we can share ideas. And sex is part of it. And I love it. 😉

The Net Is My Life

Without Internet, I will probably rot and die in minutes. I spend almost 15 hours of my time online every day, well partly because of work, but it is pretty much my love and passion.

There are so much to watch on YouTube, so much to share on Facebook, so much to explore on StumbleUpon, and so much to read just every else. Call me addicted if you must, but if addicted is what I am being coined to enrich my life with, I’m really proud and willing to be an addict.

grey3 600x450 - About

Grey loves his food! Really!!

Oh no, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a life. I go out with friends regularly, I enjoy a walk at the mall, I enjoy traveling, I enjoy great food at great places, I enjoy dating with my boy. Just anytime other than that, being online is what I will do.

Thats why I love my broadband too. I probably use it to the max. Without it, I’ll probably sleep till it’s there.

And online is where you can find me!

grey6 450x600 - About

Grey trying to act cute. Fail!

If what I have written here is not enough for you to feed your curiousity, well you can always catch me on the Net!

My net nickname is Conancat, it’s a mixture of my love for both Detective Conan and cats back in my secondary school days. Apparently it had become so catchy that I decided to keep it forever. 😉

So thats why you will find that my FacebookTwitter and Plurk all goes by the name of Conancat.

Even my MSN has conancat on it! Like, conan_cat87@hotmail.com!

So does my Gmailconancat@gmail.com, and of course the new Google Waveconancat@googlewave.com.

So hey, lets not be strangers, shall we? 🙂 Let’s talk, like, really talk!

Add me anywhere above, or even better, everywhere above, and buzz me to drop me a tell me more about you! 😀

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should save the comments for yourself neither. Drop a comment below, and tell me what you think about me! 🙂