I’ll Redesign Your Blog… Starting From RM100

Yep, I will redesign your blog, starting from head to toe, a total change. With a small price of kindness, starting from RM100.

And each cent of that will go to charity.

This is my offer to the Twestival event, an annual global charity event held on March 25th to raise funds for a life charity body. This year, the charity body that is going to benefit is Concern Worldwide, a non-profit organization dedicated to help people in poverty through education programmes across Africa, Asia and the Carribean.

Twestival KL last year was a big hit, and this year I’m sure even more people is going to take part!

The bid for my services of complete blog redesign starts from RM100. Each single cent of that goes to Concern Worldwide. If you think that my services worth more than that, and our friends and children could have deserve more than what you get, start bidding for your best price! 😀

twestkl poster - I’ll Redesign Your Blog… Starting From RM100

Twestival Kuala Lumpur Poster

How It Works

Twestival is all about raising funds by bidding on services or items offered by other users through Twitter. You can bid on an offer made by another user, pay that amount, if you’re the highest bidder you get that offer, and the money goes to the charity.

What, you don’t have a Twitter account yet? What are you waiting for, go get one!

If you already have an account, you can already start bidding on the various services that are being offered by numerous other Twitter veterans! Here’s how:

To bid for a service/item

1. Visit the Twestival KL Wikispaces Page to see what services or items are up for grabs.

2. Bid for items by tweeting:

[Bid number – associated with the service/item you want] [Your bid amount] #twestklbid
(e.g. “[005 @aprilyim pole dance RM100 #twestklbid]

Note: We will scan the tag for bids everyday and edit them into the Wiki. The amount by the highest bidder will be updated in the Wiki.

3. On March 25, we will open all auctions from the last online bid, and all those present will have the opportunity to outbid the highest bidder from online. If you are unable to attend, but still want to bid for an item/service, please make a bid and drop us another Tweet using the #twestklbid informing us. We will be in touch.

Yep, that’s it! And if you’re curious about what kind of things or services people are offering now and the starting bid prices, here’s a glimpse:

[002] @nikicheong Guest Tweet for you (5 Tweets) — RM 50
[005] @aprilyim — My Pole Dance –RM 50
[006] @dustyhawk –Three IDE Harddrive 120gb,80gb,320gb +1external cove — RM 100
[008] @azrinarizz – A 1 hour street Photoshoot(KL area): Shoot+1DVD copy of shoot — RM 50
[012] @joshlim — One night of clubbing with Josh & hot bloggers — RM 100

There are a huge range of other things up for bids too, so be sure to check out the Twestival KL Wikispaces Page! If you pay attention, those are some huge names around. And yep, they’re joining the cause too!

What About My Offer??

Well, to put it simply, if you get my bid, here’s what you’ll get:

  • A custom designed blog template  for your blog tailored to you: for your personality, your topic, your readers, your market, your ideas.
  • In Photoshop format, so that you can edit and change things later on if you wish,
  • In HTML/CSS/Javascript. In Blogger or WordPress or any blog platform of your choice. Yes, I will code that design to be your blog template unique to you. So for God’s sake, don’t sell it! 😛
  • Advices and a lil bit of training on blog housekeeping to make your blog accessible, user friendly and well, nice. 🙂

And the T&Cs:

  1. No commercial or corporate blogs. Only for personal blogs.
  2. Project lasts for 3 weeks. I will try my best to finish up within the period, so please work with me, will you? 🙂
  3. Communications will be made through email, Skype, any IM services, or if you’re in the KL/PJ area, we can come out for yum-cha sessions. 😀
  4. Blogs of any genre welcome. Food porn blogs encouraged. Porn blogs… uhh, we’ll have to see about that.

If you’re wondering, I have just started working in the web design industry since last year, and falling in love with it day by day. Just a matter of trivia, I hated web design back in my college days. I got my first job as a web designer in this web design agency, and well, I’m still on my first job. 😛

Why so cheap, you ask? Firstly, I take this as an opportunity to do some charity work, to practice my skills a bit as well as to expand my portfolio. Secondly, I think that a mere small part of modification to a blog such as just the header or maybe a few buttons doesn’t do it justice, so I’ll go for the whole thing instead. 😀 And hey, it’s all fun!

If you’re still skeptical, well here’s some of the works I’ve done before:

brillany 600x447 - I’ll Redesign Your Blog… Starting From RM100

Brillany Photography Website, my brother’s photography blog 😀

brusselsbeercafe 600x450 - I’ll Redesign Your Blog… Starting From RM100

Brussels Beer Cafe Website

caramelz 600x457 - I’ll Redesign Your Blog… Starting From RM100, do I need to explain? 🙂

everythingbabything 600x452 - I’ll Redesign Your Blog… Starting From RM100, a website that sells baby products

orientrewards 600x447 - I’ll Redesign Your Blog… Starting From RM100

Orient Rewards website mockup, development in progress 🙂

shinjiru sharepoint 600x458 - I’ll Redesign Your Blog… Starting From RM100

My company, Shinjiru’s internal business portal (Sharepoint)

Enough of me, now it’s YOUR turn!

If you don’t have a Twitter account yet, GO GET ONE!

If you got a Twitter account, start bidding!

And if you don’t just want to bid, but want to offer something, some services or even yourself to be up for bid, EVEN BETTER! Read here for more information on how to put your services up for bid!

And hey, bid on me, will ya? 😉

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