Grey’s Bleaching Adventure

Grey is finally… proudly GREY!

Yep, it’s my childhood dream to be GREY, maybe I’ve been playing too much of Final Fantasy and I adore Sephiroth too much. But woot, GREY is COOL!

Now let’s just hope it won’t all fall off too soon. 😛

This is a narcissistic brainless post unlike my previous artsy-fartsy stuffs, so if you don’t mind to bear with my ramblings, read on! 😛

Grey Before Bleaching

270220105395 450x600 - Grey’s Bleaching Adventure

Grey before the hair make over

Well actually, before my latest bleaching feat I already bleached my hair before, like well, a month ago before Chinese New Year, lol. At first I bleached then I tried to dye it grey too, but it failed as apparently i didn’t bleach light enough, the yellow pigment mixed with the blueish-grey dye made my hair turn out being greenish.

And it all came out within 3 days. Yep, 3 days, and the dye went off. Argh!

So I became the blondie for a month now. Well I wouldn’t mind acting dumb in the meantime, it’s fun! 😉

Anyway, I asked my hair stylist Elson Tang after, and he said that I wasn’t using the proper shampoo to wash my hair after dyeing. Apparently after dyeing your hair with different colors you need to wash them with the color retaining shampoos , or else your colors will fall off pretty quickly. There are color retaining shampoos for almost all colors, in my case I have to use the silver color retaining shampoo.

So aight, this time, I’m determined to do two things:

To go totally GREY, and to keep it there!

And off with BLEACH!

140320105455 450x600 - Grey’s Bleaching Adventure

Grey’s Bleaching Adventure: Bleaching the hair

This is how you’ll look like when you have a pile of bleach stuck on your hair for 3 hours. Yep, I sat there for three hours bleaching my hair, trying to get the result I want.

At first I thought of bleaching the whole head as well, but that will kill all of my hair, and while that looks pretty it’s actually pretty much an ass to maintain. So I opted for bleaching my fringes, as you can see here.

It doesn’t look pretty, and it hurts. Though it doesn’t hurt like hell, it hurts annoyingly on your scalp leaving you squirming on your seat thinking when will it be over. Yep, it’s chemicals after all, what do you expect?

140320105459 450x600 - Grey’s Bleaching Adventure

Grey’s Bleaching Adventure: Done Bleaching

So this is how my hair looks like after bleaching. The shampoo girl commented, “it’s like meehoon”. 😡

Yep, it’s that soft and easy to break. Bleaching your hair to total white kills all pigments and minerals inside the hair until they are dead, totally dead. The whiter you bleach, the more you’re bringing it to death.

First time in my life I bleached white. Bye-bye healthy hair, I will see you in a year.

140320105477 450x600 - Grey’s Bleaching Adventure

Grey’s Bleaching Adventure: Dyeing the hair color

You didn’t really think that I will just go around with that super golden hair and white hair, would ya?

My goal is GREY, yeah, GREY. I wanna be well, GREY!

So we went on to put that GREY dye onto my hair. The technically correct term for it is actually silver, but well, it sounds cooler as GREY. (Actually, silver sounds cooler but don’t mind me :X)

And this is how you looks like when you’re bored on the forth hour already trying to figure out something to do. I brought my PSP and I played it till battery ran out. Forgot to charge em the previous day, lulz.

140320105487 450x600 - Grey’s Bleaching Adventure

Grey’s Bleaching Adventure: Done dyeing!

And here I am, done dyeing my GREY hair! The golden hair part now appear greenish as silver/grey is actually blue pigments, and added with the golden yellow it appears green. But on the white bleached hair, it appears as GREY!

And yeah, GREY is cool!

The End Product!

140320105508 450x600 - Grey’s Bleaching Adventure

Grey’s Bleaching Adventure: The End Product!

Okay, so it may appear blueish and all, but really, it’s really GREY! Or silver. Or ungh, I don’t know what to call it. :X

But anyhow, I’m happy with my hair now. Even though I have to deal with hardcore hair tangles, and the bleached hair takes forever to dry. The normal hair takes like half an hour max to dry, while the bleached part takes an hour plus. Ouch. Not to mention they fall off pretty easily too. :X

But ungh, for my childhood dream — GREY hair, I will deal with it!! Wahahaha!

And thank you for sitting through this endless stream of babbles! I’ll give you some fallen grey hair as a reward… Any takers?

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