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Beautiful Bali: Guess The Foodies and Win The Dickies!

Grey eating the Bali dick keychain

Grey eating the Bali dick keychain


Anyway, the five Indonesian words that you’re going to guess are:




Ayam Malam

Bebek Kotor

Well here’s some hints… They are all food (well, technically one isn’t exactly a food :x), and they call him Donald Bebek.

End Date: 10th April 2010, enough time for you to ask your kakaks or makciks or Ahmads xD

So just drop your comments here, if you got the most rights I will give you, or if you’re too far away, I’ll mail to you the cute lil dickie keychain! 😀

Hey they’re damn cute!

Don’t forget to ask your friends to join in the fun too!

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