Challenge: Hyperminimalism Writing

So we have hyperminimalism in the visual arts and architecture (pretty much thanks to the modernists and Kasimir Malevich for starting Suprematism), but have you heard of hyperminimalist writing?

I first came across this idea from Unpublished Guy’s blog. His blog is:

“Something happened. A man with glasses was involved.”

So what about that?

The idea is to dip and dap into all the ideas that you’re presenting, then leave everything else for the reader to fill in the blanks. As our Unpublished Guy puts it, “Minimalism leaves the reader to take an active role in the creation of the story by filling in the blanks left by the author’s spare prose.”

So lets see what kind of interesting ideas in life that we can get from here? 😉

malevich black red square1 377x600 - Challenge: Hyperminimalism Writing

Of course, you don’t get the picture until you’ve seen more of these. Here’s more example from Naissance, a blog by Shelli,

“It shattered like the glass embedded in her hand.”

Somehow, the power of hyperminimalist writing seperates you from everything else on the page, and when you read that single line your head spins to imagine the scene and everything else around it too — the shattering sound, her face as it shattered, the environment, or what is it that actually shattered. Her heart, perhaps?

Another example from Crockstar Blog,

“Sometimes shorter really is better.”

Or is it?

You question and it keeps you thinking, don’t you? So there, it’s successful. 😉

So to try my hand at this… here’s some of my plays:

“Two mice and a cheese. One has to go.”

Maybe that’s too long. Here’s another:

“Reaching my hands out to touch, yet it’s a mirage too far.”

One last one:

“He moans and shoot into the air.”

Ahem. 😛

Perhaps these can make a good Twitter or Tumblr idea. 😛

So come on, try your hand with this and see what you can come out with. I’m wanna know what’s in your head!

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