My Three Little (Guinea) Pigs

I have three little pigs.

Well, guinea pigs, at least.

And aww, they pull my heart alright! Though I must admit all those squeeking and squeeling and running about during midnight can be an annoyance, but ooh, look at them!

Totally adorable. <3

160120105268 600x450 - My Three Little (Guinea) Pigs

The Grey one is getting a year plus old now. He used to partner with my old guinea pig, but that one died due to teeth complications. Guinea pig teeth can keep growing and growing, and if they are not properly structured they can grow into the jaws and locking up their mouth, making them not able to eat. That’s what happened to my last pig. Genetic problems, the doctor said. 🙁

Then Greyhead was lonely for a couple of months now. Like 4 months. And all he does is eat and sleep. That’s why you see that he’s so damn fat.

So a few weeks ago I went to buy Sasame (the darker grey one) and Latte (the coffee colored one) here to accompany Greyhead. At first they were pretty afraid… well for 15 minutes anyway. After a few hours they’re running about chasing each other and cuddling together. Awww.

Though Greyhead still eats the most between them all, but I am sure in time the other two will be just as fat. As fat as ME!

If you’re wondering, they are all Abyssinian guinea pigs. I used to have 2 Sheltie guinea pigs, but oh well, they left me. 🙁

Nevermind, I have Three Little (Guinea) Pigs to keep me company in my room all day and night!

160120105277 600x450 - My Three Little (Guinea) Pigs
160120105275 450x600 - My Three Little (Guinea) Pigs
160120105267 600x450 - My Three Little (Guinea) Pigs
160120105279 600x450 - My Three Little (Guinea) Pigs

Oh my love <3

Do you have any pets yourself? Guinea pigs lovers, anyone? :3

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