Grey is taking a leave…

And going to Bangkok, Thailand.

The land where the guys are prettier than girls.

Well, the girl-guys, anyway. Ladyboys in another word. “Aqua”s, in Malaysian dialect.

I will definitely catch them this time!!

Well I’m not only going to Bangkok for the ladyboys. I’m going there for Chinese New Year shopping too. Clothes there are way cheap, okay!

So while I’m busy chasing ladyboys around in Thailand, if you happen to get bored on the net, why not take a look at my older posts?

Just keep scrolling down this page, I’m sure you’ll find something you’d like to read!

Stay tuned, Grey will be back by Wednesday, 13th Jan 2010!

bangkok ladyboy show - Grey is taking a leave…

Image @nttoan93 on Flickr

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