Sharing Turned Bragging

Have you ever met people who complains about how his BMW is not going pretty smooth lately when running at 150KM/H?

While you’re driving a 10 years old second hand Proton Saga?

The scenario isn’t exactly the same, but I have met people who loves to talk, complain, or if you want to put it nicely, share about their materialistic well-beings with people who have far worse scenarios than them.

It may seem like you’re sharing your stuffs with me to you, buddy, but in my ears it only sounds like you’re bragging.

It’s unlikely for rants to appear on this blog, but well I’ll make an exception this time. Take your brags to somewhere else for f**k’s sake, it’s pissing me off!

pissed off cat - Sharing Turned Bragging

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You think that’s bad? It’s much better than what I have so f**k off!

Sometimes you just can’t stand people who complain so much about that one scratch on their iPhone or how she got that crack on her Louis Vuitton handbag, while you’re holding an ancient Nokia model or a bag you got from the market for RM10.

While you can try pretty hard to smile and acknowledge their pain or empathize with their problems, deep down you’re already cursing about this asshole that talks too much.

Let’s face it, money matters. It’s what drives the earth around. And while some people are born with a silver spoon stuck up in their mouth, many others have to work their ass away to afford even the smallest of luxury. Hell, some even struggle with the basic life commodity.

If you’re happen to be one of the lucky ones that are born with a silver spoon, congratulations. If you are that good that you can work to be one of the most successful and richest people around your age, congratulations. If you manage to get that shiny Alienware laptop or that Prada trenchcoat, congratulations to you too.

But don’t share or complain about it in front of people who are way far behind from your achievements, because in their ears it sounds more like bragging and boasting and blowing your own goddamn trumpet.

Dealing With Braggers

If you’re one of the less luckier ones who have met one of these holes (you know which hole I’m talking about), and you don’t want to be one of those hypocrites, there are a few ways to deal with them.

Smile and nod away. Just keep quiet but refuse to give your input on his problems (just because they are not yours). Eventually he will find you boring and stop talking about his stuffs.

Smile and say, “Hey, you have better stuffs than me, why are you still complaining?” Well that’s the truth, really. Most braggers will get the message and stop the sharing session already, but in case that still doesn’t work…

Tell him YOUR problems. Tell him how much you’ve spent on fixing that 12 years old car, how cheap you’ve gotten your bag from the night market, how cheap your laptop is with its lack of features, how bad your malfunctioning phone is with black and white screen.

That should do the trick. If they still have some conscience, they will stop talking about their problems and focus on yours instead. If they really just wanna brag, just walk away. You don’t need a hole like that to be your friend, do you?

Choose who to “share” with

If you really have a problematic BMW car or a scratched Louis Vuitton bag, choose who are you going to share your problem with. Most people who are much below your level in terms of materialistic sufficiency will find your words a sore, no matter how honestly you really want to share about your problems.

Find someone who is almost the same level or higher level than you. That means find someone who owns something of similar of what you have or even better, and ask them about their opinion. Finding someone who own something much worse or can’t afford it at all will get you branded as a bragger.

That includes your brother/sister and your best friends. You have no idea how much sourness that can be generated when you talk about money and luxury, no matter how close you are with them. You’re better off asking the advices of the more experts anyway, why make sad cases with your friends?

If you just simply wanna brag, well, you’re an asshole.

Have you met any braggers before?

A lot of them are doing it without noticing it, but some of them really are just bragging for the fun of it. Have you met any lately? How do you deal with them?

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