How do I get that thumbnail avatar image thing on comments??

Are you a regular blog readers that comment on a lot of blogs, especially WordPress blogs (like, and wonder why some people has some cool looking avatar image while you don’t?

I used to ask that question too! Having a profile image of yourself (avatar) wherever you go to any blog or forum and comment is pretty cool, right? You don’t have to upload one each time, and it makes your comment instantly recognizable!

For Blogger users, the avatar for the comments on Blogspot blogs comes from the profile image of your Blogger profile. But since WordPress blogs are growing in such widespread popularity, a smart guy created a system that recognizes an avatar to be displayed based on the mail you’ve typed in for your comments on any blog or forum, especially WordPress.

The smart guy is called Tom Werner, and the system is called Gravatar.

Dubbed “Globally Recognized Avatar”, Gravatar is the system used by most WordPress blogs to get a thumbnail image of yourself, your Avatar! Simple 3 minutes sign-up, and you can get an avatar like mine! Woohoo!

How does Gravatar work?

gravatar2 - How do I get that thumbnail avatar image thing on comments??

My Gravatar!

The idea is fairly easy. After you signed up on Gravatar, you will be able to assign an image thumbnail to an email account, so whenever you go comment on a blog or anywhere, and if the blog or anywhere supports Gravatar, it will retrieve the image from the Gravatar site and uses that as your avatar.

What’s more, you can have a number of different emails in one account, so you can actually assign a number of thumbnails to different emails, and when you use different emails to comment on different places they will appear as what you’ve assigned!

Lets say you got an email for the normal cheeky cheeky blogs, and you want to display an innocent image of yourself over there. Then you have an email specially for the kinky porn sites and you want to show your sexiest face there. Yurp, you can!

You can also assign the rating for your Gravatar for G rated to PG, R and X rated. Well, you know what they mean right? If you’re on a site that does not allow X rated Gravatar and you used the email accidently, Gravatar will automatically look for a G rated avatar that you’ve assigned to be used. Thank God!Gravatar

So how to I get started

Well, as usual, lend me 3 minutes of your time and let this introduction video from Gravatar to show you how it works, and how to register an account.

Yurp, registration barely takes 5 minutes, and you will get an avatar image to be used everywhere! Well, at least for most WordPress blogs. 😉

If you got a Gravatar already but curious on how do you intergrate it to your blog to display the Gravatar of your readers on their comments, read here! Supports WordPress, Movable Type, Joomla, Drupal, and yes, even Blogger!

But why am I promoting Gravatar all the sudden?

Well, I’m an avid blog hopper, and I visit a number of blogs. Many times I see that the Gravatar on the comments are the famous grey anonymous guy for many commentators, so I guess a lot of people still don’t know about this service yet! It is a very useful service to get you easily recognized on many of the blogs, so why not get one?

In case you’re wondering, yes, the comments on is Gravatar enabled, so if you want to see a picture of yourself other than the grey anonymous guy, consider getting a Gravatar account.

Actually, it’s my secret plot so that I can know how handsome and pretty my readers are who comments on this blog, but don’t tell anyone, okay?

I hope to see less grey commentators on my blog soon! 😀

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