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December 2009


Sharing Turned Bragging

Have you ever met people who complains about how his BMW is not going pretty smooth lately when running at 150KM/H?

While you’re driving a 10 years old second hand Proton Saga?

The scenario isn’t exactly the same, but I …


Hello Stranger, How Are You?

I don’t know about you, but there are so many people in our lives that it seems that we’ve seen them forever, we’ve known them forever, yet we don’t really know them.

This might sound confusing at first, but take …


All About Grey Ang!

Well, its been months since this blog had started, and honestly I didn’t talk much about myself, as much as I wish I do!

To get rid of the anonymity between you and me, I am for once dedicate this …


The Swimming Instructor @ KLpac

There’s always some magic about theater plays that you can never catch in the movies.

Perhaps it’s the intimacy of the stage, that you feel so close to the actors and you can relate to them so deeply as the …